Technology for Model-Talent-Artist Agencies.

The “Agency Matrix” is a suite of IT consulting, technology, and business support services, which we provide to model, talent, and artist agencies. We also know and support all the booking and accounting systems the agencies use. 

Headquartered in NYC, with more than twenty years of working with the agencies, we offer unmatched knowledge and experience, end-to-end solutions, and support, building on our long-term relationships within the industry. Our solutions and services for agencies include:

  • Technology — we provide world-class installation and support of agency computer systems, networks, specialized printers, and other devices.
  • Consulting — we advise our clients on technology “best practices” and future trends, based on over 20 years of working with the agencies.
  • Booking System — the core of any agency! We work with and help to support all the best systems for booking, imaging, scouting, casting, and web content.
  • Accounting — we partner with Agency Manager to install and support agency accounting systems, which are linked to your booking system.

Get in touch with the Agency Matrix to get all the software, systems, solutions, and support for your model, talent, or artist agency!

Smarter solutions. Better results.

Agency Matrix