SMX services, when combined with carefully selected and proven products, allow us to deliver truly holistic business technology solutions, which accommodate your needs now and into the future.

We offer Vertical Solutions, which are specialized systems, products and services for key industries we have worked with and supported over the years, including:

The Cannabis Matrix is a suite of specialized systems, including software, hardware, and ongoing support services of the cannabis and hemp industry’s full  supply chain, from growers and manufacturers, to distributors, dispensaries and retailers of related products.

The Agency Matrix is a suite of specialized services we offer based on many years of work with model-talent-artist agencies. We know how they work, plus we know all the booking and accounting systems agencies use, and provide third-party support for them as well.

Get in touch to discuss which of our solutions will help your business run better now, and into the future.

Check out SMX solutions, which combine our services with carefully selected, proven products and systems.

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