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RANDOMATRIX (formerly DreamIT) Client, The Klemantaski Collection, made their first blog post in 2013, with our assistance… Here’s a link to the post:


It’s a great image and vignette/story, if you like vintage auto-racing, Ferraris, photography, motorsports, or just driving on a sunny day with the top down… Enjoy!



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Klemantaski Collection

Mille Miglia Ferrari

A drive in the countryside? Well, perhaps – but this drive was in the 1957 Mile Miglia, a race all around Italy on public roads in May 1957. In this sunny photo, taken by Louis Klemantaski, the Ferrari in which they were riding was traveling at over 180 mph down a long straight stretch of road along the Adriatic Coast. You can see the car’s tachometer hovering at 7500 rpm which in fourth gear gave this speed. The driver, part of whose face you can see in the  car’s rearview mirror, was Peter Collins. Collins and Klemantaski came very close to winning this Mile Miglia at a record speed, but the differential  of their car  broke at Parma, some 80 miles before the finish.

Photo © The Klemantaski Collection

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